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​성동훈  Dong Hun Sung 

b.1967 Busan, South of Korea


1991    B.F.A. College of fine Art (Sculpture)-ChungAng University, Anseong, Korea

1986    Graduated College of Ceramic Sculpture-Pusan Craft Academy, Busan, Korea

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2017   PLAS 2017-Contemporary Art Show, Special Exhibition, COEX, Seoul


2017   “The New Case of Time”, Museum of Goa, Goa, India


2016   “For My Sincerity”, Art Space Anygol, Korea


2016   “Don Quixote come to Jeju”, Gallery Nori, Jeju Island, Korea


2015   “Fake of the Kingdom”, Savina Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea


2014   “The Sonance of Iron Furnace”, Selected Artist of the year, Dong Ho Steel   

            Foundation, Taiwan


2013   “The Reinterpretation of the Gods”, The Grass Mountain Chateau Gallery, 



2011   The Invited Exhibition, Juming Museum, Taiwan


2009   "The Special Exhibition of Korean Contemporary Art", Künstlerhaus

             Passagegallery, Vienna, Austria


2009   "Nomadism in Brain", Savina Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea


2007   "Ignorant Imagination & Sensuous Experimentation", MOA Gallery,

           Gyunggi-do, Korea


2001   "EROS", Savina Gallery, Seoul, Korea


1997   "Grotesque Humor”, Savina Gallery, Seoul, Korea

           "Metal & Formative Language", 3rd Semiannual Special Exhibition to Promote                          Image of Metal", Posco Gallery, Seoul, Korea


1996   "6th Chungdam Art Fair", Mee Gallery, Seoul, Korea


1994    Midopa Gallery, Seoul, Korea


1993   Keumho Gallery, Seoul City, Korea Binkel Gallery, Seoul City, Korea


1992   "Seoul Art Fair", Hangaram Art Museum of Seoul Arts Center (Pyo Gallery)

            Seoul City, Korea


Selected Duo Exhibitions

2005   "Eruption-Show" for Two Artists, CPS32 Gallery, New York, USA

Selected Group Exhibitions

2018   Hommage to Posco, Posco Art Museum, Seoul

2017   India Art Fair 2017, New Delhi, India 


2016   Gallery DAIM opening Exhibition, Busan

           National Assembly Art Exhibition, National Assembly of the Republic of Korea, Seoul

           ChungAng Sculpture Exhibition, Art Space H, Seoul


2015   Tasteful south province Art Project 2015, Haengchon Museum, Haenam

           National Assembly Art Festival, Out-door Sculpture Exhibition, National Assembly of                 the Republic of Korea, Seoul


2014   Art Fair in Taipei-ToSee Art Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

           New Scenes #2, Buk Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul

           2014 The International Fire Sculpture in Jeongseon, Samtan Art Mine, Jeongseon


2013   Otawara City Art Exhibition, Public Facilities Gallery, Otawra, Japan

           ‘88 Seoul Olympics 25th Anniversary’ Exhibition, SOMA, Seoul

           New Art Collection Exhibition, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul


2012   Project Daejeon 2012:Energy, Daejeon museum of Art, Daejeon

           The 2012 Daesan Museum of Special Project Exhibition, Daesan Museum, Changwon

            South Sea Festival 2012, Kilhyun Museum, Namhae-gun


2011   Daegu Art Fair-Gallery MOA, Special invited Exhibition, Daegu Exco, Daegu

           ‘Moving Art Village’ Exhibition, Nampo Art Museum, Goheung-gun

           The Wonderful World of light Art, Gyeongnam Art Museum, Changwon-si

           A Leap from the Deep-Sea, Sungshin Women’s University, Seoul

           The 2nd Modern Outdoor Sculpture of Hantangang, Yeoncheon

           Visual Creative Art Festival, Dream Forest Art Center, Seoul


2010   Celadon Art Project 2010, The Celadon Museum of Gangjin, Gangjin

           ‘Homage for toilet of Duchamp’, Gallery Royal, Seoul

           ‘Gyeonggi Art Project’, Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Arts, Gyeonggi-do

           ‘Homo Ludens’, Jeonbuk Province Art Museum, Jeonbuk

           World Photonic Expo 2010 Gwang Ju, Gwang Ju

           ‘Trace and Evidence of Sculpture’,  Moran Museum, Namyangju-si

           ‘Blacksmith in the Neo Iron Age’ Pohang Museum of Arts, Pohang


2009   New Wave 2010- Beyond Image, Gallery Moa, Paju City

           Tomorrow’s Sculpture Project, Art Valley, Yangju City

           Art in Summer,  Lotte Art Gallery, Seoul

           Art in Superstar, 2009 Arts&Funsters, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul


2008   The Party: Man C.J.L.L.P.S Sculpture Exhibition, Gallery Kayang, Pusan

           The exchanged Exhibition Costa Rica & Korea, Korean Foundation Center

           Gallery Arum, Seoul

           Pohang International Art Festival, Pohang Art Center, Pohang, Korea

           New Art Space Invited Exhibition, Lakeside gallery, Yongin, Korea

           Changone Asia Art Festival, Sungsan Art Hall, Changone, Korea

           International Sculpture Symposium in Icheon, Woljeon Museum, Icheon, Korea

           Art in Busan 2008, Busan Museum of Art, Busan, Korea

           La Mirada Cruzeda, Three Sculptors exhibition, Gallery Bandi, Seoul, Korea

           Seoul Open Art Fair, COEX in Seoul, Korea

           Art Farm Project, Sonamoo Gallery, Ahnsung, Korea

            2008 Living Art Fair, COEX Center, Seoul, Korea

            2008 Preview, Gallery Bandi, Seoul, Korea

            Imagination Power Station, Hyundai Art Center, Ulsan, Korea

           Five Sculptors Exhibition, Gallery Soheon, Daegu, Korea

           Pre_Yangpyeong Eco Art Festival, Manas Art Center, Yangpyeong, Korea

           Gyeonggi, National Highway no.1, Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art,

           Gyeonggi-do, Korea

           The Scent of Baekje-The Dream of Buyeo II, Bukchon Art Museum, Seoul, Korea


2007   The Scent of Baekje-The Dream of Buyeo II, The Museum of Jeongnilsaji, Buyeo, Korea

           “Good morning Vietnam, Good morning Korea”, Korean Foundation Center,       

           Seoul Korea

           Art and Playing– Funsters, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul

           “Let’s go to Mr. Kim’s house”, Chungmu Art Hall, Seoul

           Anniversary Special Exhibition, Gallery Mano, Ansung city


2006   The Seoul Art Exhibition 2006 – Figurative Sculpture, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul

           Art and Playing – Funsters, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul

           Art & Park Exhibition, “Spring Festival”, Seoungnam Culture Foundation, Seoung-Nam

            Three Companions for life, Buckchon Art Museum, Seoul


2005   International Ceramic Workshop, Ceramic - Crossover, Toya Studio, Yeoju

           Artists from Moran Museum, The Museum of Moran, Namyang city

           “I am going to meet artists in Ansung city”, Seonamoo Gallery, Ansung city

           “Enjoyable fantasy and happy factory”, The museum of the Korean music-art

           Jeonjoo city

            The art festival of powhang, The culture of the art center of powhang, Powhang

            The Contemporary Art Festival, Banwal Art Hall, Pochen City


2004  15th Anniversary Special Exhibition 86, Kumho Museum of Art, Seoul

           Gyeonggi Regional Art Fair, Gyunggi-do Art Center, Suwon City

           99% Propos, See&Sea Gallery, Pusan City

           A Little Sculpture - A Big Dream, Insa Art Center, Seoul

           Museum project, Jeabiual Museum, Kawchen city


2003   Korea Nude Art Exhibition, Sejong Center, Seoul

           Lela - Exhibition, Modon Art Gallery, Los Angeles, U.S.A.

           The Auction for handicap people, Mennen City, Germany

           “The forty age of artists”, Sculpture exhibition, Moro gallery, Seoul

           The exhibition for the gold medal at MBC Sculpture festival, Insa Art Plaza Gallery,                 Seoul

           The invited exhibition in Pochen City, Pochen Banwal Art Hall, Pochen


2002   Angeles Gate Cultural Center Gallery, Los Angeles, U.S.A.

           California State University, Los Angeles Fine Art Gallery, Los Angeles, U.S.A.

           George J. Doizaki Gallery at Japanese American Cultural and Community Center

           Los Angeles, U.S.A.

           Hanamaki Carutural Center, Iwate, Japan

           Kitakami Community Center, Iwate, Japan

           International Eco-Environmental Art Exhibition-'The Call of the Toad'

           Art Museum of Seoul Art Center, Seoul

           Ansung Art Festival-'Over the remembrance already known, but not yet', Ansung Art     

           Center, Ansung City, Korea

           MYSTERY, Savina Gallery, Seoul


2001   Korean Contemporary Art Expression of the Time - "Hurts and Heating"

           Art Museum of Seoul Art Center, Seoul

           2001 to 2002, Lamer Gallery, Seoul

           HORROR, Molo Gallery, Seoul

           2nd Fllower, Ansung Church, Ansung City, Korea

           Good Design Festival, Coex Convention hall, Seoul                  

           'NO cut', Savina Gallery, Seoul

           5th Dong River Festival, Yongwall Art Center, Yongwall City

           Why Do People Remember?, Savina Gallery, Seoul

           Gyunggi-do Artist Invited Exhibition, Gyunggi-do Art Center, Suwon City

            The Korea Figurative Sculpture Association, Wing Gallery, Seoul


2000   Expressions Seen & Unseen-Fusion of the Disabled and the Abled

           Youngun Museum of Contemporary art, Kwangju City

           Korea & Vietnam Art Exhibition for World Peace, GANA Forum Space, Seoul       

           Crawl of Theft Exhibition, Savina Gallery, Seoul

           Savina Gallery & Artists, Savina Gallery, Seoul

           4th Dong River Festival, Yongwall Art Center, Yongwall City


1999   Arario Gallery of 10th Anniversary International Sculpture Exhibition,

           Arario Gallery, Cheonan City


1998   Tachikawa International Exhibition, Space N Gallery, Tachikawa City, Japan

           Kim`s Opened Art Exhibition, Kim`s Club,

           PyongTaek International Exhibition, PyongTaek Art Center,  PyonTaek City

           The Year of Tiger "Tiger Exhibition", Savina Gallery, Seoul

1997   Seoul Art fair, Arario Gallery, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul

           Space of 300, SeoNam Gallery, Seoul

          11th Invitational Exhibition of Modern Korean Sculpture, MBC Broadcasting Park,

           ChunChon City

1996   Seoul Art fair, Mee Gallery, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul

           Compression & Decompression Exhibition, Chincenagae Gallery, Kwangju City

           Sculpture Show in the winter, Cheong Gallery, Seoul

           Animal in Art-the Symbol & Humor, Savina Gallery, Seoul

          10th Invitational Exhibition of Modern Korean Sculpture, 100 Sculptor invited, MBC                 Broadcasting Park, ChunChon City


1995   Fusing Cement in Art, Sungkok Museum, Seoul

           Promising Artists Recommended by Curators; Attention to The Artists, Dong Ah       

           Gallery, Seoul

           The Leading Sculpture in the 2000, MoonHwa News paper Gallery, Seoul

           D.M.Z. Exhibition, KongPyong Art Center, Seoul

           Memorial Show of Mi Gallery`s Remover, Mi Gallery, Seoul

           Today Exhibition of Korea Sculpture, Jongro Gallery, Seoul


1994   Small Piece 30 Sculptor Exhibition, Time Gallery, Seoul


1993   Cross Section of Contemporary Korean Art, Pyo Gallery, Seoul

           Ansung Cultural Center Opening Show, Ansung Cultural Center, Ansung City

           93 Sinsa Gallery of invited Exhibition, Madang Min Gallery, Seoul

           Opening Exhibition, Time Gallery, Seoul


1992   Seoul Art fair, Pyo Gallery, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul

           Recovering Dream Show, Shinsegae Museum, Seoul

           MYTH, TALE, ALLEGORY, The Moran Open Air Museum, NamYangju City

           Confront with Dream & Actuality, Hyundai Museum, Seoul

           The 23rd Korean Figurative Sculpture Association Exhibition, Hyundai Museum, Seoul

           Starting from myself, Sonamoo Gallery (Seoul), Dada gallery (Pusan)


1991   91 Pioneer of Contemporary Art Exhibition, Galleria Museum, Seoul

           Extension of one’s way of thinking, Doal Gallery, Seoul

           The 21st Korean Figurative Sculpture Association Exhibition, Haein Gallery, Pusan City

           New Face Artist Exhibition, ChongYoung Museum, Seoul

           Starting of New Year 7 Artists Exhibition, Total Museum, Seoul  

The International Art Directing

2012   Director, 3rd  International Desert Project, Thar Desert, India


2009   Director, 2nd  International Desert Project, Gobi Desert, Mongolia


2008   Director, The exchanged Exhibition Costa Rica & Korea, Korean Foundation Center, Seoul


2006   Director, 1st International Desert Art Project, USA


2002   Art Production Manager, The first international intimate environmental art exhibition

           at Seoul Arts center, Korea


2002   Program Manager, the first IHATOV- Korean & Japanese art Festival, Japan


1999   Director, The first roadside symposium at Anseong City, Korea


1998   Curator, The 4th international environmental art symposium at dea-Chang-ho, Chngjoo-si, Korea

The International Art Residency & Workshop

2015    Nomadic Art Residency in Australia, Barkly Art Center, N.T, Australia

            Sandarbh International Art Residency & Workshop, Rajasthan, India


2014    Selected Artist of the year, Dong Ho Steel Foundation, Taiwan

            Selected Artist of the year, Art Residency & Public Workshop, Samtan Art Mine, Jeongseon


2013    Grass Mountain Chateau Studio 91-Artist in Residence, Taiwan

2011    Juming Museum Selected Artist, Art-in-residency, Juming Museum, Taiwan

2009    Sandarbh UK International Artist Residency, Derbyshire, England


2007    Sculpture Studio Workshop, National University of Costa Rica, Sanhosae, Costa Rica


2006    Art Residency, Kunsthalle Krems, AIR-krems, 1-month stay, Austria


2005    The International Ceramic Workshop, Ceramic - Crossover, 2-weeks stay, Toya Studio,                            Yeoju, Korea


2002   10th International Art Festival "LANTERN OF EAST, 2002", 1-month stay, Los Angeles, USA


2001   The International Art Workshop, Permanent Outdoor Sculpture, 1-month stay, Kochi, India